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Your digital R&D platform to same day automation

Discover VICTOR, the revolutionary digital R&D platform that is transforming laboratory workflows with its innovative same-day automation capabilities for liquid handling processes. Designed to streamline and accelerate lab operations, VICTOR empowers all laboratory professionals to achieve more accurate, reproducible results with unparalleled efficiency. Whether you’re handling complex biochemical assays or routine sample preparations, VICTOR’s intuitive interface and advanced technology adapt seamlessly to your needs, enabling faster turnaround times and enhanced productivity. Optimize your lab’s potential with VICTOR, the future of laboratory automation. 

Why Choose VICTOR.

Streamlined Automation

Simplify your automation setup.

Enhanced Efficiency

Boost productivity and accuracy.

Scalable Solutions

Adapt as your projects grow.

Expert Support

Get help when you need it.

Client Testimonials

“Victor creates is an ideal solution for our lab. Automating parts of our ELISA workflow creates a faster and more stable way to generate the data we need”

About Our Company

KNR Biotech provides a flexible and modular liquid handling automation platform with intuitive software, making lab automation accessible and straightforward to implement for all.

We specialize in providing affordable, user-friendly lab automation technologies that enable researchers to focus more on innovation and less on manual tasks.